GE Wireless Contact

GE Wireless Contact

The NX-450 Micro Door/Window Sensor may be the littlest sensor available also it fits easily in the users hand of the hands. It had been designed to meet consumer interest in a less obvious security sensor. The sensor is just 1.75" lengthy by .875" wide by .50" high - or 84% more compact compared to standard door/window transmitter that is typically bulky and noticeable.

The NX-450 is really a supervised, wireless sensor that's for commercial and residential use. It picks up the frequent lowering and raising of doorways, home windows, drawers, or nearly something that opens or shuts. The sensor and magnet are mounted using double-on the sides adhesive tape (incorporated) which makes it ideal for programs with only a little space.

Patented ITI Learn Mode technology helps make the NX-450 Micro Sensor fast and simple to set up. The sensor is offered a distinctive identification code in the factory, getting rid of sensor programming. And like several ITI wireless sensors, the NX-450 transmits battery and status signals towards the security systems user interface. This way, customers are reassured the NX-450 is working properly. The sensor is powered with a 3 VDC, lithium gold coin-cell battery (CR2032) by having an believed existence of five years. Battery could be changed through the installer or user. The Micro sensor also offers a built-in energy-saving idea feature and it is whitened colored.

This is a recap from the Features -

Small size offers versatility in programs with only a little space

User-exchangeable battery lasts five years in typical installations

Advanced circuit design saves energy and stretches battery existence

Low profile blends into decor


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