Qatar Road Map

Tourism Industry

Qatar Tourism The State cares a lot for tourism and provides all facilities and incentives so that this vital sector can cope with the pace at which other sectors are developing. This patronage stems from the firm policy adopted by HH the Emir, HH the Heir Apparent and the government to open up to the outside world. The General Authority for Tourism was established in line with this policy, with the aim to promote Qatar locally, regionally and internationally, and support activities relating to the general trends of the Qatari policy.

Traditional Markets

Souq Waqif

In the city center. Its shops open early in the morning, close for noon recess and open again in the evening. Most of the traditional handcrafted objects, incense, perfumes and spices are displayed there. This market has many jewelry, tailoring, embroidery, bishoot (men's cloaks) and abayat (women's cloaks) shops. Swords, daggers and various goods are also on display in this market.

Thursday and Friday Market

It displays goods in stalls in a spacious open area on Salwa road. Shoppers gather in this market from Thursday and Friday morning till late in the evening, and the market sells miscellaneous low-quality goods at low prices.

Modern Shopping Centres

It include: City Centre, The Mall, The Center, Land Mark, Al Fardan Complex, Al Mana Center, Al Muftah, Al Salam Plaza, Blue Saloon, Al Sadd Plaza, Lulu Center and others.

These centers sell various goods imported from America, Europe and East Asia and offer recreational facilities including restaurants, cafes, and cinema houses and children play areas. They open from 9 am to 12 noon and from 4 pm to 9 pm. At some centers Friday is dedicated for families from 3 pm to 10 pm. A lot of such centers flank Al Sadd, Al Mirghab, C-Ring and Grand Hamad streets in the city center.

Qatar Beaches

Al Ghariya

Al Ghariya Beach - Take the Al Ghariya turnoff 4.5 km beyond Fuwarit on the Al Shamal (North) Road and follow the tarmac road, keeping to the right when the road splits. Once the location of a desert camp for Qatar's scouting movement, Al Ghariya gradually developed into a small weekend facility for other campers. There is a beach resort as well as a popular sandy beach to the north with shallow water.


Dukhan is the centre of Qatar's onshore oil industry and at the beginning of the 20th century had the only aircraft landing strip in the country. The security-gated complex owned by Qatar Petroleum (not open to the general public) consists of both residential and production areas and includes the first oil well drilled in Qatar, in 1938. Fossilised sharks teeth can be found in some of the shale hills and there is a popular beach accessible to all. At the gates to Dukhan township, turn left and follow the coast road for 9 km until reaching Dukhan Water Sports. The tarmac road ends here, but to the south, you will find plenty of places to stop. Although the beaches are sandy, there are sharp rocks under the water, so beach shoes are advisable.


Fuwairit Beach - Take the Al Shamal (North) Road past the Al Khor turnoff and after 44 km, turn right at the Fuwairit sign; follow the road leading to a small village and as you reach the outskirts, turn left onto a rough track. Drive for 1.5 km along the small dune edging the beach until reaching the unusual formations of eroded hills (jebel) that run down to the water's edge. These small 'cliffs' border a fine sandy bay with coves that make ideal picnic spots. The strange shapes in the rock face, resembling Gruyere cheese, make for great photos.

Khor Al Adaid

Also known as the Inland Sea, this breathtakingly beautiful area, surrounded by crescent-shaped sand dunes, is one of Qatar's finest treasures and a prime tourism asset. A shallow tidal lake with a narrow outlet to the sea, the many-lobed Khor Al Adaid lies between Qatar and Saudi Arabia and has shores in each country. Four-wheel-drive vehicles are necessary and only experienced drivers should attempt the journey. Alternatively, local tour operators organise day trips and overnight camps, providing exhilarating drives along the dunes, with barbecues, entertainment and the opportunity to ride camels or sand ski.


Also known as 42 km Beach or French Beach - Take the turnoff from Al Shamal (North) Road 42 km north of the Al Khor turnoff. There is a small signpost marked "Maroona", leading to a narrow tarmac road. Follow for 6 km before turning right onto the dirt track heading towards two large palaces (driving parallel to the telegraph poles). Approach the beach between these two buildings, but beware, the sand is very soft for the last 100 m.

Ras Abrouq (Bir Zekreet)

Ras Abrouq and Bir Zekreet, a favourite spot for weekend campers, is at the very tip of a peninsula northeast of Dukhan (four-wheel-drive is required). Follow the main Doha-Dukhan road, and several kilometres past the turnoff for Al Jumailiya (about 5 km before the flyover) is a fork where the old Dukhan road veers off to the right – look out for this as there is only one sign, in Arabic. After 1.5 km, turn right onto the road that heads up the northeastern side of the Ras Abrouq peninsula, follow for about 21 km and then branch off to the left, heading up and onto the top of the jebel (hills). The track passes the wild deer reserve set up by the Supreme Council for the Environment and Natural Reserves (SCENR) and through an area that looks like a deserted village but was actually built as a film set. Notice the trees: the lower branches are 'cropped' in a straight line where the camels have eaten them!

After almost 9 km, an abandoned police post can be seen on top of a jebel. Go around the base and head out over the causeway on the left, leading to the tip of the peninsula. The area is full of interesting coves and bays, but the best is at the far end: a sweeping half-moon bay flanked at both ends by rocky outcrops.

Sea Line Beach Resorts

Just south of Mesaieed, this resort with a hotel, two swimming pools and landscaped grounds, has villas and chalets for overnight, weekend and holiday hire, and is also open to day visitors.

Watersports are available from the beach and dune buggies are available for hire just outside the resort. The tarmac road ends at Sealine and any further journey, towards the Inland Sea, has to be made over the dunes in a four-wheeldrive.


Take the highway towards Al Khor, and for the exit to Lusail International Circuit. Instead of going right on the bridge, take left, until you reach the coastal village.

Umm Bab

Umm Bab is also known as "Palm Tree Beach" because of the small cluster of palms at the end of the road alongside the small breakwater. From Doha, take Salwa Rd, clocking 29 km from the industrial area and passing the Mukainis satellite earth station. Turn right and follow the road for a further 40 km until you reach the roundabout at the Umm Bab cement works. Go straight across and take the right-hand fork, passing a small 'trading store' on your right. On cresting a small hill, you will see the coast stretched out below and the distinctive group of trees. Most people turn left at the trees and stop a little further on. The sand is deep, so proceed with caution.

Major Cities & Places


Doha is the capital city and seat of Government. It includes the country's main sea port and international airport. It is Qatar's cultural, commercial and financial centre, with a population of 338,760 in 2004.

Al Rayyan

Al Rayyan is located 10 kilometers north of Doha. It is the largest residential area outside of Doha, with an estimated population of 272,583 in 2004. It is the home of the Qatar Equestrian Federation which organizes numerous races and an annual Arabian horse show.

Al Wakrah

Is a small town situated halfway between Doha and Mesaieed. It is the center for a booming commercial fishing industry and has an old fishing port, which is still in use to date. The town is famous for its fine mosques and many houses reflecting the old Islamic architecture style. There is also a museum displaying among other things traditional Arabic style doors.


Al Khor is a coastal city 57 kilometers north of Doha with a port for small ships and fishing boats.

The Al Khor Municipality includes the emergent Ras Laffan Industrial City and the 2004 census puts the total population at 31,611. Al Khor has been developing rapidly over the past few years and the trend is likely to continue with the onslaught of various industrial projects, mainly gas based

Ras Laffan Industrial City

Strategically located on the north shore of the Qatari Peninsula and at the centre of the Arabian Gulf, Ras Laffan Industrial City represents one of the world's most significant and accessible emergent industrial export locations.

The ambitious vision of the State to exploit its vast natural gas resource led to the initiation of LNG projects: Qatargas and RasGas. Expansion of LNG facilities at Ras Laffan has been proceeding rapidly and is expected to reach 20.2 million tons per annum (mtpa) by year-end 2004. Further natural gas utilization plans led to the Dolphin project and to various Gas to Liquids (GTL) projects, which are currently under-way.


Mesaieed is a major industrial city in Qatar, located 45 kilometers south of Doha. The city's industrial area houses basic industries and it has a large sea port as well as the principal terminal for the export of oil. Major industrial projects such QAFCO, QAPCO, QAFAC, QVC, QPR, Q-Chem etc. are located in Mesaieed, along with upcoming projects such as Q-Chem II, Qatofin, and LAB among others. The beaches and sand dunes at Mesaieed with their fine sand are major tourist attractions in the State of Qatar and is also the location of the Movenpick Sealine Beach Resort.

Madinat Al-Shamal

Is a modern town functioning as an administrative center for a number of coastal villages north of the country.


Dukhan is Qatar's main onshore oil production centre and is situated halfway along the western coastline of the Qatari Peninsula. It has developed as the oil nerve center since the exploitation of the country's oil reserves commenced in 1949.


Is situated 60km west of Doha and has a purpose-built camel racetrack. It is famous for camel races.

The Palm Tree Island

The Palm Tree Island is 10- minute boat ride off Doha Corniche. The Island has children and family amenities, a restaurant offering seafood and barbecue meals and a cafe serving snacks and refreshments. There is also a jetty for traditional Dhow boats close to Doha Sheraton Hotel on the Corniche waterfront.

Entertainment City (the Kingdom of Aladdin)

The Kingdom of Aladdin lies in the West Bay area. It has more than 18 game features to suit all age groups. It also has a rest house, an artificial lagoon, a theater and a cafeteria

Al Jassasiya

Al Jassasiya are a range of rocky hills overlooking the northeastern coast of the country between the two villages of Al Huwailah and Fuwairit. They are famous for their numerous stone carvings and engravings, some of which date back to prehistoric times.

Major Museums

Qatar National Museum

The museum lies on the eastern part of the Corniche. It displays the geological history of Qatar as well as a collection of Islamic artifacts and relics. There is also a maritime museum in which the fish wealth of Qatar is displayed, and a small lagoon where wooden traditional boats built in Qatar are moored. Work hours:Daily from 9 am to 12 noon except Saturdays and Fridays and from 4 pm to 7 pm except Saturdays. Tuesday's afternoon period is assigned for families only. Telephone: 4442191

Al Khor Museum

Al Khor museum lies in Al Khor town about 57 km north of Doha. It is a two-storey building. The ground floor is assigned for anthropological life, while the upper floor hall is set for the display of excavation discoveries in Al Khor area. Telephone:4721866

Al Wakrah Museum

It lies in Al Wakrah town about 17 km from the capital and displays marine life and natural history materials. Telephone: 4643201

Weaponry Museum

The museum displays rare samples of swords, daggers and miscellaneous firearms and their accessories. It lies in Al Lagta area in the suburbs of Doha. Telephone: 4867436

Ethnographic Museum

Situated on Grand Hamad Street, this building is the last remaining construction of its kind in Doha. It opens from Sunday through Tuesday from 9 am to 12 noon and from 3 to 6 pm and closes on Saturdays. On Fridays it is open from 3 to 6 only. Entrance is free of charge.

Major Forts

Al Zubara Fort

Al Zubara Fort lies 105km northwest of Doha. It is open for the public all weekdays except Saturdays and Fridays mornings. Entrance is free of charge.

Doha Fort (Al Koot)

It is one of the remaining military forts in Doha. It lies on Jassim Bin Mohammed Street and opens daily and in Saturday and Friday mornings. Entrance is free of charge.

Umm Salal Muhammad Fort

This fort lies in Umm Salal Mohammad area, 21 km from Doha. It is one of the residential forts that date back to the late 19th century.

Malls in Qatar

The Mall

The Mall is located on the 'D-Ring" road facing the Al Ahli stadium. A five minutes drive from the Doha International Air Port will take you to your favorite mall.

Situated in the midst of lush greenery – well kept lawns, tastefully trimmed plants and the beautiful flowers – you are in doubt as to whether you should enter The Mall or walk around and enjoy its beauty.

Once you have decided to enter, access is not a problem at all. With 600 parking slots and seven entrances, access could never have been planned any better. The ambience in The Mall is so different. The Arcade (southern side) offers the feeling of English Shopping Arcade, The Boulevard (eastern side) French High Street, Mall Cineplex (western side) Restaurants offering casual and fine dining (northern side).


Located in the Aspire Zone (next to the Khalifa Stadium), Villaggio is the most sought after destination in Qatar for top-of-the-line luxury brands, from Louis Vitton, Christian Dior and Gucci to Prada, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana. The Venetian-style interiors combine with an astonishing range of shopping, dining and entertainment avenues to make it one of the unique malls in Qatar.

The architectural finesse of Villaggio is destined to transport every visitor to an Italian Village of the sea. Running right through the mall is a canal floating gondolas (Venetian rowing boat). Customer can take a trip up & down the canal in these Gondolas. Different areas of the mal represent different times of the day – so one can experience sunset, night (complete with street lamps) and day. The bridges that cross over the canal, the illusion of blue skies on the ceiling and the laidback seating on the periphery of the canal, all combines to offer a unique Venetian experience.

Landmark Shopping Mall

Located in Gharaffa area on the outskirts of Doha City, Landmark Shopping Mall is credited with the unique distinction of transforming the shopping experience in Qatar to a myriad of shopping, dining and entertainment experiences for everyone in the family. It is also widely acknowledged for expanding the geographical boundaries of the urban life in Qatar beyond the realms of Doha city.

Since its opening in 2000 with a built-up area of 30,000 sq.m., Landmark has undergone two significant expansion projects, during which it added 10,000 sq.m. in 2005 and a further 18,000 sq.m. in 2007-08. True to its roots, the architecture of Landmark Shopping Mall embodies all the facets of a typical Qatari castle. However, its interiors offer a unique blend of traditional and modern styles.

Over the years, Landmark has emerged as a true family destination. Visitors can enjoy a snack or a meal at the numerous restaurants in its food court or relax and chat with their friends at any of the speciality cafes. They can also come face to face with the latest fashion trends while their children entertain themselves at the large indoor mini theme park, Circusland, which features carrousels, dodgems, arcade games, and a soft play area. On the other hand, movie enthusiasts can treat themselves to the latest international and regional movies at any of the multiplex cinemas that feature state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment.

This shopping mall is home to many middle and high-end international brands like Mango, Stradivarius and Espirit to Zara, Massimo Dutti and Mexx, to name a few. It also offers a unique mix of sportswear and accessories brands as well as a hypermarket and megastores. Today, Landmark Shopping Mall is widely considered as a must-visit destination by both tourists and residents.

City Center

City Center Doha is considered the largest mall in Qatar with 300,000 m2 total build area and 120,000 m2 leasable areas with variety of famous international, regional, and local retail brands and services, spread across five floors. City Center landmarks the shopping scene, being the leading retail and leisure destinations in Qatar. Anchor stores include Carrefour, Home Centre, Debenhams, Grand Cine Centre, and Fun City. Over 1,600 car parks are available for the regular visitors.

City Center Doha features a range of family entertainment venues; 14 screen Cinema complex, Fun City, Ice Skating Rink & Bowling Yard. They can also have fun on the kiddies ride & educational experience in Early Learning Center. It is a convenient destination for both residents of Doha, expatriates of Qatar and tourists. The mall continues to flourish to supports its tenants and attracts more visitors by implementing an interactive strategic marketing and promotional endeavors. City center Doha welcomes daily an average 45,000 visitors and up to 70,000 on peak days like public holidays.

Doha City Center, where you can find more exclusive designs and collection of wide range fine watches, jewelry & accessories; perfumes/ cosmetics; electronics/mobiles; stylish home wares; fashion items for male, female & kids & even classic gift items. Most designer brands internationally are also available, like Mango, Camaieu, Pumpkin Patch, Baby Shop, City Life Style, Lee Cooper & so on.

62 premium restaurants including Hippopotamus Steakhouse, Noodle House, Biella etc...Cafe, sweet & pastries are available also in Food Court area. Visitors will also have the chance to witness the spectacular functions, variety show, and seasonal events and activities targeting different age groups like the Fashion Festival, Holiday Bonanza, Mother's Day, Ramadan & Eid that are regularly organized inside the center to increase traffic by attracting more new customers.

City Center Doha will continue to strengthen its market position as the meeting point of Doha. Upon the opening of the five prestigious world class hotels, including the Shangri La, Rotana and Marriot Renaissance, the guests will have a direct access to the shopping center offering them a unique shopping and entertainment experience during their stay in Qatar.


Centre point, also called Al Smakh mall, is another relatively recent though small addition to Doha's ever growing shopping scene. As a family with young children, we appreciate the Baby Shop here, which has children toys for all ages, playhouses, cots, children's beds and so on. Close by you'll find Splash, with very reasonably priced clothes, and Shoe Mart.

There's some fast food places, but nothing like the range the big malls have. There's also a few shops selling things for the house: clocks, fake flowers, miniature waterfalls, candles and so on. The best of these is Home Centre, which has a large range of furniture and takes up a large portion of the top floor.

Royal Plaza Shopping Mall

Royal Plaza is a stylish shopping mall located in Doha, Qatar in the Middle East. Shopping with style, Royal Plaza's catch phrase offers 105 boutiques on three retail levels.

The design and development of the mall was created using essential ingredients that would shape a facility with a sense of elegance and comfort. The practical floor layouts permit visitors to walk about each level with ease. Royal Plaza was designed to present two distinct moods. The day experience permits visitors to enjoy the sun which shimmers through a main central skylight and eight secondary skylights. During the twilight hours, the artificial illumination produces another experience that is warm and tranquil.

Royal Plaza also offers two basement parking levels to make certain that visitor's vehicles are kept cool during their visit to Royal Plaza. In addition, the remaining two levels out of seven are home to office suites which are occupied by professional firms.

Hyatt Plaza

Hyatt Plaza mall, Qatar is the most well known shopping mall. It has been artistically designed and is frequently visited by youngsters who consider Hyatt Plaza mall, Qatar as most happening place in the town.

The mall has magnificent interiors Hyatt Plaza mall, Qatar is one the largest shopping mall present in the region. If you think shopping at malls means expensive shopping then think again Hyatt Plaza mall, Qatar houses a branch of Daiso which is a Japanese bargain store. Most items available at this store cost only 6 riyals.

Recreational Clubs

Recreational clubs offer their members a wide variety of sports and recreational facilities commensurate with the resources and equipment available in each individual club. Most major clubs are concentrated in Doha, the capital, and other cities such as Mesaieed and Dukhan.

Dana Club

Dana Club is situated inside Khalifa Complex for Tennis and Squash. It offers its members many sports and recreational facilities such as open and indoor tennis grounds, which are housed in a spacious area featuring the inveterate traditional architectural heritage. Telephone: 4834700

Doha Club

Doha Club lies in Ras Abu Aboud area overlooking the Gulf waterfront. It offers its members spectacular facilities, foremost a fine beach and a vast swimming pool equipped with water conditioning system. The club also has 7 floodlit tennis courts, 2 indoor squash courts and a private marina in addition to first class service. Telephone: 4418822

The Diplomatic Club

This prestigious club lies in the West Bay area and offers its members luxurious facilities such as a gymnasium for various sports activities, businessmen meeting hall and an all-purpose hall that can accommodate up to 400 people. There are also tennis and squash courts, a library, a beauty center and restaurants. Telephone: 4847444

Equestrian Club

The club has a grass track and a sand track as well as courts for camel and horse beauty contests and local championships. The club organizes the Emiri Sword event and Qatar International Desert Marathon. Telephone: 4805901

Doha Golf Club

Due to its good location and spectacular services, Doha Golf Club boasts one of the finest golf grounds in the Middle East. This made it the focus of international attention and a suitable venue for Qatar Masters Golf Tournament, with entries from Japan, America and Europe. Telephone: 4832338

Falcon Club

This club offers Qatar Petroleum senior staff members a wide variety of recreational and sports facilities including a bowling center, 3 tennis courts and 2 squash courts. The club is open 7 days a week from 9 am to 11 pm. On Thursdays it closes well after midnight. Telephone: 4443701

Al Ghazal Club

This club dedicates its services for Qatar Petroleum junior staff members. It has among its many facilities a swimming pool, a tennis court, a basketball ground, a football ground and a garden for children. It is open 7 days a week from 8 am to 10 pm. On weekends it closes at 11 pm. Telephone: 4433030

Dukhan Recreational Center

The club has 2 swimming pools, one for grown ups and one for children, 2 tennis courts, multi-purpose outdoor play grounds, an outdoor multi-purpose area, a gymnasium and other facilities. The Center is open 7 days a week from 7 am to 10 pm. Telephone: 4717072

Al Hubara Recreational Center

It has an outdoor multi-purpose play ground, a tennis court, a billiards room, a common lounge, a video games room, a TV hall, a wing for ladies, an indoors gym, a library, 2 swimming pools one for children and one for adults, a garden for children and an Internet Cafe. The Center opens 7 days a week from 3 pm to 11 pm. On Thursdays and Fridays it opens from 9 am to 11 pm. Telephone: 4716125

Dukhan Squash and Play Grounds

Al Hubara Club supervises this facility. It is open 7 days a week from 3 pm to 10 pm for all Qatar Petroleum staff who reside in Dukhan. Telephone: 4712414

Dukhan Cinema and Theater

This house has 600 seats and it opens for 4 days a week for Qatar Petroleum Dukhan staff.

Mesaieed Golf Club

It has an 18-hole golf ground, a tennis court, a garden for children, a common hall and a billiards room. It opens 6 days a week from 6: 30 am to 6: 30 pm and closes on Saturday for maintenance. Telephone: 4771740

Al Shaheen Recreational Center

This Center has a swimming pool, a tennis court, an outdoors multi- purpose playground, a gym and a garden for children. It opens 7 days a week from 4 pm to 10 pm on weekdays. On Thursday and Friday it opens from 10 am to 10 pm. Telephone: 4770848


Al Bida Park

Al Bida Park, Qatar is a famous tourist attraction. The park overlooks the Doha sea front. This park features lush green playing areas and heavily shaded corners that provide relief from the scorching heat.

Al Bida Park, Qatar is an ideal place to enjoy holidays with family and friends. You can enjoy some quiet moments away from the crowds of the city. Numerous food outlets lie in the proximity of Al Bida Park, Qatar.

So if you are feeling hungry you just cross the Park, Qatar and enjoy your meal at the restaurant that serves your favorite cuisine. Most of the restaurants in the area serve a wide variety of snacks and soft drinks and they don't burn a hole in your pocket.

Al Rumaila Park

The Al-Rumaila Park, Qatar is an extremely famous Qatar attraction which is situated along the famous Corniche. Corniche Bay, Qatar is a seven kilometer long road. The road runs along the coastline of Arabian Gulf. This is a prefect place to walk, cycle and rollerblade along with viewing spectacular views of the surroundings. Al-Rumaila Park, Qatar is the best place to relax and spend some quiet time with your family and friends. The greenery of the park soothes your eyes and also lessens the concentration of pollution.

The park has tranquil environment, children too like to come to Al-Rumaila Park, Qatar as the park has many popular children rides. In fact the park has become popular because children force their parents to come to the park. Therefore it will not be wrong if we say that Al-Rumaila Park, Qatar is a perfect place for family picnics. Al-Rumaila Park, Qatar is open round the clock.

Aspire Park

A pleasant place to spend some time away from the crowded Doha roads is Aspire Park. Hidden away behind Villagio, it is a surpisingly large and green park, complete with children's play area, football piches, greenery and trees.

Located at the Aspire Zone, just behind the Villagio Mall, is this sprawling park covering an area of 88 Hectares. It is at present the biggest park in Doha. It has huge lush green lawns, a surprisingly large lake.There is also an overhead fountain or shower fountain that begins on one side of the bridge and flows on the other side and if one walks through the bridge, small drizzles of water fall on you from the fountain(In the pic) . The presence of lake and the green lawns makes it a cool and cozy place for picnics. It also has a hill and children will have a great time running up and down the hill. Another interesting thing to note in the park is the 'Pot' shaped trees, grown scatteredly around the park. You will not find these trees anywhere else in Qatar.


The Sharq Village & Spa in Doha

The Sharq Village & Spa at Doha Bay is the latest of Ritz-Carlton Hotel additions in the Gulf region. The five-star luxury resort has just opened to glittering reviews from leading travel writers and guests and is expected to become one of the leading conference venues in the region.

After five years in the making and a total cost of US$ 450 million, the Sharq Village & Spa is a meticulous recreation of a Sheikh's palace and a souq (traditional market), built around an ancient Qatari fishing village. Designed to reflect the close-knit communities of fishermen, pearl divers and merchants that shaped Qatar's vibrant history, the Sharq Village & Spa is also equipped with modern facilities and amenities to meet the requirements of international leisure and business travellers.

Sharq Village & Spa General Manager Abdul Aziz Al-Emadi said the hotel will officially open its doors to visitors on September 2007, adding it will offer all the luxury and exquisite services elite guests seek in resorts.

Four Seasons Hotel Doha

With an exclusive beach and marina curved at its feet, this traveler's haven gazes over the Arabian Gulf as the centerpiece of the outstanding waterfront landmark, the West Bay business and residential complex. Fashioned to the world's highest standards, Four Seasons introduces a new caliber of intuitive, personalized service to sparkling Doha. Telephone: 494 8888

Sheraton Doha Hotel and Resort

Overlooking the West Bay of Qatar's capital city and the clear blue waters of the Arabian Gulf, the Sheraton Doha Hotel and Resort stands amid 70 acres of landscaped gardens. The hotel is just a short distance from Doha's bustling city center, where old and new architectural styles blend harmoniously. The Doha Sheraton is a gateway into a magical world of Arabian luxury, as exemplified by its charming guest rooms and superb restaurants.

The Ritz-Carlton

Soaring 115 metres above Qatar's sea and desert landscape, The Ritz-Carlton, Doha is an impressive symbol of the nations emergence as a destination for travellers to The Middle East. The 374 room, five star resort fuses contemporary styling with classic Arabic and European design, creating a hotel with a promise of setting a new benchmark for luxury and sophistication in the region Located on it's own exclusive island resort in the prestigious West Bay Lagoon district, with views overlooking the waters of the Arabian Gulf, the beachfront resort is secluded, yet easily accessible. Just 20 minutes from the airport, the 80,000 square metre glass and chrome tower is a showplace structure. It's sleek, uncluttered exterior leads to an interior with chic residential elegance. The formal, oasis-like grounds are accented with tiered, Arabic eight point star fountains, reflecting pools, hidden grottos, clusters of date palms and flowering tropical shrubs. A 235 slip sailing marina, the adjacent Doha Golf Club, and a world of recreational facilities make The Ritz-Carlton stand out as a destination resort.

The focal point of the diamond-shaped main lobby is a 7.5 metre Viennese chandelier whose 2,000 plus crystals illuminate an intricately patterned stone carpet floor. The chandelier hangs directly over a Moorish-inspired fountain in the lobby's centre. Richly textured 18th century tapestries, elaborate applications of gold and silver leaf and graceful arched doorways recall the splendour of royal palaces. Richly hued, Chippendale sofas and Regency chairs stand in colourful contrast to the crisp white walls and ceilings. Full-length windows frame the outdoor scenery of sun, sand and sea. Grand marble staircases lead from the lobby to the garden and pool area.

To bring a sense of intimacy to the hotel's interior, designer John David Edison of Toronto, Canada, has created individual and unique environments throughout the square framed corridors. Lined with more than 30 varieties of stone and Italian marble, the intricate corridors lead to areas with their own distinctive identity and "sense of place". Telephone: 4848000

Marriot Doha Gulf Hotel

Whether you're traveling for business, pleasure, or planning a meeting, Marriott focuses on what it takes to make your trip successful. Enjoy the comfort of one of our guestrooms, each equipped with two telephone lines, modem connection, and interactive TV with free Internet Access from the Rooms. The fabulous Executive Lounge on the roof top gives you the panoramic view of Qatar! The new Spa has the finest well being treatments in town together with a state of the art fitness center to mix business with pleasure. Telephone: 4298888

Movenpick Hotel & Resorts

The Hotel is superbly located in the heart of the city, on the spectacular Corniche Road, 5km from Doha International Airport, the National Museum and the old Souq are just a short walk away, 5 minutes driving to the Exhibition Centre, the National Theatre, and all major commercial, leisure, shopping & governmental institutions.

The minute you step into the Hotel's front door, you will be embraced immediately by the warm, calm, relaxing and cozy ambiance.

The Hotel offers 154 extra-large rooms, including 6 diplomatic suits & 11 business suites; various culinary delights (Italian, Angus steaks, Asian) to meet every taste; a fully equipped Business Center, 3 meeting rooms with state-of-art equipment, modern gymnasium, outdoor swimming pool with Jacuzzi and steam bath. Telephone: 4291111

Intercontinental Doha

A grand landmark hotel, InterContinental Doha combines heritage and luxury with contemporary comfort and modern techonolgies. Located in the West Bay area of Doha, overlooking the crystal blue waters of the Arabian Gulf, the hotel boasts the largest free form pool and longest beach in town and is within minutes of the major business offices, Doha Golf Club and City Centre shopping mall. This delightful hotel offers a typically warm Qatari welcome. The communications facilities are naturally the latest word in technology and broadband internet access is available in all rooms. An eclectic mix of world styles makes for an interesting interior with a warm, cosmopolitan feel - an honest reflection of Qatar's truly international appeal. Restaurants, Fitness facilities and spacious guestrooms leave little room for decision making. Telephone: 4844444

Ramada Hotel

Ramada Hotel is distinguished by its excellent location. Few minutes from the city centre and close to the shopping areas and Doha International Airport. Ramada offers luxurious rooms and suites, a new recreation centre with swimming pool, impressive sports and leisure facilities. The hotel offers luxurious service and a selection of restaurants and cafes like the, well-known, French restaurant 'Maxim' and 'Chingari', the authentic Indian restaurant. Telephone: 4417417

Hotel Sofitel

This hotel is part of the French group ACCOR. It is the suitable choice for French-speaking visitors as a big number of employees speak the language. Sofitel is situated in the city centre and offers excellent services and affordable prices. The hotel has a swimming pool and three restaurants. La Villa restaurant on the twelfth floor is known for its fine Mediterranean cuisine. Telephone: 4462222

Oasis Hotel and Beach Club

One of the first hotels in Doha. Oasis is very close to Doha Marriott, Doha International Airport and the city centre. The hotel offers its guests a variety of facilities like a swimming pool, sports courts, fitness centre and a beautiful private beach. Oasis hotel is known for its Chinese restaurant, one of the hotel 's three restaurants. Telephone: 4424424

Al Bustan Hotel

This hotel is situated next to Qatar National Museum. Some of its rooms enjoy a view over the Doha Corniche. Al Bustan is famous for its western style, high-class service, 'Al Batross' Lebanese and French restaurant and café 'La Crouzet'. Telephone: 4328888

Rydges Plaza Hotel Doha

Situated in Al Bida area close to the commercial center of town. this hotel is distinguished by some Italian restaurants of the most well known brand names as well as its quality services and reasonable rates. Some of its rooms have a marvelous view on Doha Cornicehe. Telephone: 4385444

Al Sadd Merweb Hotel

Al Sadd Merweb is set to exceed what is expected from a small-sized hotel. In any of 8 suits,94 single rooms, 25 double rooms businessmen can expect the personalized standard of service they are used to and even more. elegant designs, luxury room furniture and high standard facilities put us far ahead among similar sized 3 star hotels. Telephone: 4471111

Regency Hotel

Situated in the center of Doha city. Telephone: 4363363

Doha Palace Hotel

This hotel is in the city centre and only few minutes away from the shops and the city's commercial centre Telephone: 4421515

New Capital Hotel

Situated in Doha commercial center, the hotel offers wide range of services and leisure facilities. Telephone: 4445445

Qatar Palace Hotel

This hotel is situated at Al Asmakh Street in the city centre close to the shops and the city's commercial centre. Qatar Palace offers some deluxe rooms with a higher level of services. Telephone: 4421515

Tourist Hotel

Kempinski Residences

Kempinski Residences & Suites, Doha is ideal for the business and leisure guest who requires privacy and intriguing surroundings. Absorb the Arabian air, warm gulf waters and beautifully designed architecture around the tower.

From the hotel's impeccable service to decadent luxury and unparalleled comfort it also happens to be the highest building in Qatar, overlooking the entire city.

George II Hotel

Located in the center of the prestigious and fashionable Al Sadd Area, George II Hotel, an eight-storey landmark building, offers 50 executive suites, all with unique details, layout of the space and selection of the furniture of the Suites designed in a way to provide maximum comfort for our customers, and many of the Suites overlooking one of the Doha's most beautiful Boulevards.

La Cigale Hotel

One of Doha's newest hotels, the hotel is finally open for bookings. You can also avail yourself of its sweet shop " La Cigale Traiteur" (with free samples), Lebanese and International restaurants, Sky View rooftop bar and Piano bar (reservation advised).

Mercure Hotel

On the Arabian Gulf and in the heart of the city, the hotel is located in the business district near the traditional Arab souq and the National Museum. It has 172 rooms and 3 suites, non-smoking floor, International cuisine at La Brasserie, Mediterranean cuisine at La Villa, Old Manor Steakhouse and Bar and 3 meeting rooms for up to 200 people. Exhibition centre and golf course nearby. Airport shuttle (fees apply). Leisure facilities including swimming Pool and Fitness centre.

Holiday Villa Hotel & Residences

The Sparkling Jewel in the Heart of Doha Like the waters of Doha Bay glistening under the sun, the radiance of Holiday Villa Hotel & Residence City Centre Doha emanates throughout the capital city of Qatar. Experience this divine elegance first-hand in your room, which is a mirage of pleasures with its king-size bed, private bath, flat screen TV, and mini-bar.

Let your Qatar trip culminate with our four-star luxuries. Make your event more stunning in our Emerald Ballroom or discuss business matters in our fully equipped boardrooms. Then, indulge your palate in Malaysian, Western, and Middle Eastern delicacies at Lagenda Malaysian Restaurant.