RasGas Company Limited

RasGas Company Limited announces the tender for Supply of Spectrometers

Last updated : 2012-07-22 00:00:00 GMT
Number Type Subject Entity Closing Date Value Envelopes Fee
RGBR/2391 Supply of Spectrometers 2012-08-27 N/A N/A

    Companies wishing to register their interest and odtain Tender documents for the above Tenders may do so by visiting RasGas Company Limited Website. Tender documents will be available on the RasGas Website for a period of 5 calender days from today after which the application Tender will be deemed closed for registration purposes.

    Please be advised Mandatory Tendering Conditions may appy to some Tenders. Only Companies who meet these conditions will be considered as a Registered as a Registered Tenderer.